Show Notes

In this bonus episode, Bart and Chris chat with Melanie Addington, Executive Director, Oxford Film Festival (which was supposed to run March 18-22); Leslie Raymond, Executive Director, Ann Arbor Film Festival (running online March 24-29); and Lela Meadow-Conner, Executive Director, Film Festival Alliance. Together, we discuss the current state of film festivals in the age of COVID-19, and how the move to online screenings is mostly a net positive, at least for now, and how the future might see greater inclusion of online elements, even as we (hopefully) return to something resembling normalcy. The times may be fraught, but we push on, bringing art and films to all who want them!

Festivals, Films and Organizations Mentioned:

Link to review by Christopher Llewellyn Reed:


  • 00:35 ? Bart and Chris intro of show?s topic
  • 04:36 ? Introduction of show?s 3 guests and the state of their festivals
  • 11:56 ? Immediate and long-term future of festivals, and benefits of moving online
  • 20:31 ? What is missing from online (vs. live) festival experience?
  • 25:19 ? Closing remarks
  • 27:09 ? End credits



Artwork by Hilary Campbell

Intro music by Jeremiah Moore

Transitional music by BELLS? (thanks to Christopher Ernst)

Editing and shownotes by Christopher Llewellyn Reed