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Many documentaries use archival footage in different ways, sometimes the entire film is archival and other times it is interwoven with new footage, or altered or animated to create a completely new and different work. This week we chat a bit about all of these variations and review the recent archival masterpiece, THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD and Chris interviews Todd Douglas Miller of APOLLO 11.


Group Review Documentary:

THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD (2018) / UK, New Zealand (Director: Peter Jackson / Producers: Peter Jackson, Clare Olssen)

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Film Featured in Interview Portion:

APOLLO 11 (2019) / USA (Director: Todd Douglas Miller / Producers: Todd Douglas Miller, Evan Krauss, Thomas Peterson)

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Other Films Mentioned:

Chicago 10 / 2007 (Director: Brett Morgen)

Decasia / 2003 (Director: Bill Morrison)

Dinosaur 13 / 2014 (Director: Todd Douglas Miller)

Eyes on the Prize / 1987 (Creator: Henry Hampton)

Gahanna Bill / 2001 (Director: Todd Douglas Miller)

The Gleaners and I / 2001 (Director: Agnes Varda)

Grizzly Man / 2005 (Director: Werner Herzog)

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 / 2008 (Director: Kevin Rafferty)

Holy Hell / 2016 (Director: William Francesco Allen)

King in the Wilderness / 2018 (Director: Peter Kunhardt)

Lorena / 2019 (Director: Joshua Rofe)

Los Angeles Plays Itself / 2004 (Director: Thom Andersen)

Los Reyes / 2018 (Directors: Bettina Perut, Iv?n Osnovikoff)

A Movie / 1958 (Director: Bruce Conner)

Night & Fog / 1955 (Director: Alain Resnais)Rat Film / 2017 (Director: Theo Anthony)

Scaring the Fish / 2008 (Director: Todd Douglas Miller)

Tower / 2016 (Director: Keith Maitland)



00:45 - Intro conversation about documentary use of archival footage

20:55 - Group review of THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD

30:29 - Chris interviews Todd Douglas Miller, director of APOLLO 11

50:35 - Doc Talk


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Artwork by Hilary Campbell

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Editing by Christopher Llewellyn Reed

Transitional music by BELLS (thanks to Christopher Ernst)