Show Notes

This week we discuss our own personal work and creative ventures and look at two doc portraits of activists doing what they love for careers in the arts: MR. FISH: CARTOONING FROM THE DEEP END and MR. SOUL!


Group Review Documentary:

MR. FISH: CARTOONING FROM THE DEEP END (2018) / USA (Director: Pablo Bryant, ?Producer: Ted Collins)

Available on iTunes Winter 2018


Film Featured in Interview Portion:

MR. SOUL!?(2018) / USA (Directors: Melissa Haizlip & Samuel D. Pollard, ?Producer: Melissa Haizlip)

Now Playing at Select Festivals


Other Documentaries & Books Mentioned:

Acorn and the Firestorm / 2017 (Directors: Samuel D. Pollard & Reuben Atlas)

Alpha Girl: Taryn Murphy Revisited / 2018 (Director: Christopher Llewellyn Reed)

Color Adjustment / 1992 (Director: Marlon Riggs)

Ethnic Notions / 1986 (Director: Marlon Riggs)

Frame of Mind (TV) / 1992 - Present (Producer: Bart Weiss)

Growing up Coy / 2016 (Director: Eric Juhola)

Sleep with Me / 2017 (Director: Summre Garber)

Taryn Murphy (on YouTube and Vimeo) / 2006 (Director: Christopher Llewellyn Reed)

WARNING! Graphic Content: Political Cartoons, Comix and the Uncensored Artistic Mind (Book) / 2014 by Mr. Fish



00:45 - Intro discussion about Creative Work/Life Balance

15:11 - Group review of MR. FISH: CARTOONING FROM THE DEEP END

27:35 - Bart Interviews Melissa Haizlip of MR. SOUL!

41:34 - Doc Talk


Hammer to Nail Links by Christopher Llewellyn Reed:





Artwork by Hilary Campbell

Intro music by Jeremiah Moore

Transitional music by BELLS (thanks to Christopher Ernst)