Show Notes

Audience fascination with films about the ultra-wealthy in a time of great economic disparity is the topic this week as we discuss THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING and Chris interviews the director of GENERATION WEALTH.


Group Review Documentary:

THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING (2018) / USA (Director: Nathaniel Kahn / Producers: Carla Solomon, Debi Wisch, Jennifer Stockman)

The HBO documentary film THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING can be viewed on HBO GO/ NOW)

Audio excerpts courtesy of HBO


Film Featured in Interview Portion:

GENERATION WEALTH (2018) / USA (Director / Producer: Lauren Greenfield / Producers: Wallis Annenberg, Frank Evers)

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Other Documentaries Mentioned:

The American Meme / 2018 (Director: Bert Marcus)

The Art of the Steal / 2009 (Director: Don Argott)

Attica / 1974 (Director: Cinda Firestone)

Born Rich / 2003 (Director:Jamie Johnson)

Dirty John (Podcast) / 2016

Fyre / 2019 (Director: Chris Smith)

Fyre Fraud / 2019 (Director: Jenner Furst, Julia Willoughby Nason)

Grey Gardens / 1976 (Directors: Albert Maysles, Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer)

Harlan County, USA / 1977 (Director: Barbara Kopple)

Inside Job / 2010 (Director: Charles Ferguson)

Kids + Money / 2008 (Director: Lauren Greenfield)

The One Percent / 2006 (Director: Jamie Johnson)

The Queen of Versailles / 2012 (Director: Lauren Greenfield)



00:45 - Intro discussion of docs about the ultra wealthy

16:30 - Review of The Price of Everything

28:35 - Interview with Lauren Greenfield, director of Generation Wealth

49:45 - Doc Talk


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