Show Notes

Bart Weiss, Christopher Llewellyn Reed and Summre Garber discuss sub-genres within the larger genre of ?Documentary? and delve deep into Maineland, a film about two high school students from China attending a boarding school in Maine.

Group Review Documentary:

MAINELAND (2017) / China, USA (Director: Miao Wang, Producers: Robert M. Chang, Violet Du Feng, Damon Smith, Miao Wang)

Film Featured in Interview Portion:

BARBECUE (2017) / Australia, Armenia, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, USA, Uruguay (Director: Matthew Salleh, Producers: Daniel Joyce, Rose Tucker)

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Other Documentaries Mentioned:

My Architect / 2003 (Director: Nathaniel Kahn)

Cameraperson / 2016 (Director: Kirsten Johnson)

The Source Family / 2012 (Directors: Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos)

Tongues Untied / 1989 (Director: Marlon Riggs)

The Defiant Ones / 2017 (Director: Allen Hughes)

The Keepers / 2017 (Director: Ryan White)

Ex Libris / 2017 (Director: Frederick Wiseman)

Hammer to Nail Links by Christopher Llewellyn Reed:


8:19 - Group Review of MAINELAND

29:47 - Christopher Llewellyn Reed interviews Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker of BARBECUE

48: 27 - Doc Talk



Artwork by Hilary Campbell

Intro music by Jeremiah Moore

Transitional music by BELLS (thanks to Christopher Ernst)